Laraway Community Consolidated School District 70C

Families in the Joliet and Laraway School community now have access to a mini pantry box outside of Laraway School. Please only take what you need and consider donating things you don't!
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May 13, 2023 Clothes, Shoes, Food, & So Much More While Supplies Last! 300 3rd. Avenue, Joliet IL Noon - 4pm
Please click above to stream our December Laraway School District 70C School Board Meeting filmed December 13, 2022.
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Laraway is very proud to honor our hard working students for their achievement. Please click for additional pictures
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Student Registration

A student may be registered by visiting the Laraway School office. For your convenience, several registration forms can be printed directly from our website which will be available soon. If you do not have a current mortgage or are not on your current lease and reside with another party, you will need to complete a “Third Party Affidavit”. They are available at the Laraway School office and at the link below.

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Calendar of Board of Meetings

June 18, 2024 @ 11am

July - No Meeting

August 13, 2024 @ 11am 

September 17, 2024 @ 6pm

October 15, 2024 @ 11am

November 19, 2024 @ 6pm

December 17, 2024 @ 11am

January 21, 2025 @ 6pm

February 18, 2025 @ 11am

March 18, 2025  @ 6pm

April 30, 2025 @ 11am

May 20, 2025 @ 6pm

June 17, 2025 @ 11am


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Welcome to Laraway Community Consolidated School District 70C 

We serve each child for the purpose of helping reach his or her full potential as a life-long learner.

It is the business of learning that inspires us to teach.

Our ultimate goal is to positively contribute to the betterment of the communities in which WE live.